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  Congratulations by the President of the Russian Association for Engineering Education Yuri P. Pokholkov

"Bauman Moscow State Technical University is regarded as a leader of Russian engineering education, and due to the historical reasons the university is to accomplish a challenging mission, " - said the Chairman of the Organising Committee, the RF Minister of Science and Education Andrei Fursenko at the opening of the meeting of the Organising Committee on the 175th anniversary of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The minister stressed that "together with the President's and Government decrees aimed at supporting BMSTU, this outstanding educational institution does not rest on its laurels and always strives for success". Having familiarised himself with the achievements and problems of the legendary higher educational institution which had given rise to numerous scientific schools based on the key branches of fundamental science and which had generated unique defense projects and technologies, Andrei Fursenko noted that "the anniversary of the university which is to take place in July, 2005 can be considered an important milestone enabling to perform strategic assessment of its achievements and lay the foundation for a new leap into the future".

The oldest university was founded on July 13, 1830 by the Emperor Nicolas I. By studying the history of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Emperor's Moscow Technical College- Moscow Higher Technical College - Moscow Institute of Mechanical Engineering) one can learn what scientific and technological ideas appeared in our country within one century and a half, how large industrial centres of the Russian Federation were formed and how significant the influence of the well known engineering schools was. During its long history, the university has earned a great reputation both in Russia and abroad. Bauman Moscow State Technical University engendered a number of scientific and engineering branches. The University graduates have greatly contributed to the creation of scientific and cultural potential of our country and development of Russian and international engineering.

Below is the list of technological developments introduced by BMSTU graduates:

  • the first helicopter in Russia,

  • the first automatic machining line,

  • the first gas turbine locomotive,

  • the first television tube in the world,

  • the passenger jet aircraft -Tu (Tupolev),

  • the atomic power station.

The list of these people is endless; the most outstanding of them are as follows:

  • V.G. Shukhov ( the TV tower in Ulitsa Shabolovka was designed by the engineer and named in his honour)

  • N.E. Zhukovsky (the founder of the Russian aviation)

  • A.S. Popov (radio)

  • A.N. Tupolev (aviation: planes TU-104, TU- 144, etc.)

  • S.P. Korolyov (space technologies)

Bauman Moscow State Technical University became the cradle of outstanding scientific schools that accumulated enormous experience of engineering education. The well-known scientists, professors and teachers work at BMSTU. For its great contribution to the development of science and engineering and educating highly qualified engineering specialists the University has been awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution and the Red Banner of Labour.

On July 27, 1989, following the decision of the USSR State Committee on National Education, Bauman Moscow State Technical college was given the status of a technical university. BMSTU had the honour to be the first technical university in our country. At the moment, Bauman Moscow State Technical University is the greatest technical educational institution in Russia whose activity is aimed at developing education, science and culture by combining fundamental and applied scientific studies with all levels of undergraduate, post-graduate and extended education in accordance with the wide range of disciplines which constitute the basics of scientific knowledge in different fields of science, engineering and technology. Over 18 thousand students study at Bauman Moscow State university. Education is offered in 24 educational lines and 75 educational programmes. The university numbers 320 D.Sc and about 2, 000 Ph.D holders; 115 BMSTU members were awarded the Lenin and the State Prize; 16 members received the RF President's Prize in Education.

Research and educational complexes represented by the undergraduate school and the research institute constitute the basic structural subdivisions of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. There are seven research and educational complexes at BMSTU: Fundamental Sciences; Computer Science and Control Systems; Mechanical Engineering Technologies; Radiolectronics; Laser and Medical Technologies; Robotics and Complex Automation; Special Mechanical Engineering; and Power-plant Engineering. Besides, education is provided at the following structural subdivisions of the university: the Department of Engineering Business and Management, the Aerospace Department, the Department of Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering, the Instrument Engineering Department, the Radio Engineering Department, the Department of Rocket and Space Technologies. These departments were established at large enterprises, organisations and institutions of the military-industrial complex situated in Moscow and other cities located near Moscow, including Reutov, Krasngorsk, Korolyov as well as in the representative office in Kaluga.

The participation of the RF President Vladimir Putin in the meeting of the BMSTU academic council which took place November 21, 2000, can be regarded as a sign of growing attention to the problems that RF engineering education is currently facing. In November 2000, the RF President Vladimir Putin issued a commendation to the members of Bauman Moscow State Technical University for a great contribution to developing higher education and educating highly qualified specialists. On September 5, 2002, the President's Decree On Celebrating the 175th Anniversary of Bauman Moscow State Technical University was issued; on December 31, 2002 the relevant Decree of the RF Government was issued. The grand opening of the new training and laboratory building with the area of 80 thousand square metres which took place on March 1, 2004, was a good present for the 175th anniversary of BMSTU.

Following the initiative of the BMSTU alumni G.A. Zhigaryov and N.N. Rasskazov, the Foundation of the 175th Anniversary of Bauman Moscow State Technical University was established. The funds of the foundation were allocated for the works concerned with restoring the historical architectural appearance of the university main facade square. The first present was the magnificent fountain constructed in one of the most popular recreation areas of students and university members. The works on reconstructing the memorial dedicated to the university alumni, students and teachers killed during World War II (1941-1941) were accomplished. The square of Slobodsky Palace was decorated with the rotunda called The Pelican. The pink pelican with the cubs will be placed in the rotunda. The bird is to symbolise self-sacrifice in the name of future generations. The Pelican project was designed by the professor of Stroganov Moscow State Artistic-Industrial University Aleksandr Nikolaevich Burganov. Mr. Burganov is the author of two lions (above the first gatehouse) which were manufactured in his studio. The Lions were presented to the university by the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director General of Spektr Scientific and Production Enterprise V.V. Klyuev. The first gatehouse, the Pelican rotunda and the fountain were restored in accordance with the ancient graphical representations and photographs.